Re: Fwd: Subversion migration schedule (cut-off Fri 18 Mar)

I am sorry for cross posting,
but I am going to ask things about the SVN access by translators.

1. Subversion is a definite upgrade and easiest thing to use for a CVS user - so first, I would like for the nice upgrade.

2. Will there be a new organization of the modules?
- Are all the modules going to use a single repository? (I am not generally for, but some modules do belong together) - Will there be a change in the permissions we all have? (I do think that the system has worked up very nicely up till now, and no further restrictions on write access will be necessary). - In KDE's SVN repo - all po-files have been taken in separate directories. I am strongly against this practice as it discourages translators to look at the source code.

3. Will there be an alternative to plain http anonymous access? Proxy server - sucha as SQUID still do no support the whole plethora of WebDAV protocol commands and a checkout is impossible when behind a proxy (one could get things with wget - but the result is not a working copy).

Best regards:

Christian Rose wrote:
This is also relevant for all translators that have CVS access; please
read the below if you haven't seen it already.

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