Re: Fwd: Subversion migration schedule (cut-off Fri 18 Mar)

เมื่อ อา. 2006-02-12 เวลา 19:50 +0200, Alexander Shopov เขียนว่า:
> I am sorry for cross posting,
> but I am going to ask things about the SVN access by translators.
> 1. Subversion is a definite upgrade and easiest thing to use for a CVS 
> user - so first, I would like for the nice upgrade.

No problem.

> 2. Will there be a new organization of the modules?
>    - Are all the modules going to use a single repository? (I am not 
> generally for, but some modules do belong together)

No. Each CVS module will have it's own repository. We are also planning
to make each of the gnome-python subfolders it's own repository during
the migration.

>    - Will there be a change in the permissions we all have? (I do think 
> that the system has worked up very nicely up till now, and no further 
> restrictions on write access will be necessary).


>    - In KDE's SVN repo - all po-files have been taken in separate 
> directories. I am strongly against this practice as it discourages 
> translators to look at the source code.

We are simply switching from one versin control system to another. We
are not going to be making any source code changes or fundamentally
changing any of the existing GNOME procedures.

> 3. Will there be an alternative to plain http anonymous access? Proxy 
> server - sucha as SQUID still do no support the whole plethora of WebDAV 
> protocol commands and a checkout is impossible when behind a proxy (one 
> could get things with wget - but the result is not a working copy).

I've used subversion via squid without problems. Admittedly, I had to
enable a couple of extra HTTP methods in the config, but it works.

But you have a very good point - some proxies may not work, and some
people may be in a the rare situation where making HTTP requests to the
GNOME servers would not be possible or desirable. I will try to look
into also setting up a read-only 'svnserve' service.



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