Re: Request to put GNOME Journal onto the servers

<quote who="Ross Golder">

> OK, if it's been approved. On window, we're running PHP 4.3.2, which
> should be fine. I'll download textpattern and see what will be required to
> get it set up.

> Jim, can you send me a tarball of the current document root and the
> mysqldump of the database (seperately please), and I'll try to get it set
> up on button/window, and checked into a CVS module (with
> update-website-on-commit hooks etc) so you can maintain it. Does that
> sound OK?

(Thought: Might be nice to have a viewcvs-web style branching setup to
handle the textpattern bits.)

- Jeff

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           the outside, not for two weeks without changing them.

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