Re: Request to put GNOME Journal onto the servers

On Wed, 2005-01-19 at 20:26 -0500, Jim Hodapp wrote:
> I am requesting to put the GNOME Journal website onto the web
> servers since we lost our box that we've been hosting it on free of
> charge up to this point.  We'd host it on a team member's co-lo server,
> but it can't handle the traffic that we get when we release new
> editions.  What we require for the site software-wise is the following:
> 1) PHP v4.3.x (any PHP 4.3 version will do)
> 2) textpattern installed (get the latest version from
> 3) MySQL v4.0.x (any MySQL 4.0 version will do)
> That's all we need as far as software goes.  A database called
> gnomejournal in MySQL would be a good name for the database for
> textpattern.  Textpattern is the content management system that we use
> to manage the content of the site.  If you need any more info, please
> let me know.
> Thanks,
> Jim Hodapp

You should probably send this request to the gnome-web-list. That will
reach the people that know about how the GNOME web sites and services
work already, can decide how best to integrate it and can point you in
the right direction to request an account etc.



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