Re: Request to put GNOME Journal onto the servers

<quote who="Ross Golder">

> You should probably send this request to the gnome-web-list. That will
> reach the people that know about how the GNOME web sites and services work
> already, can decide how best to integrate it and can point you in the
> right direction to request an account etc.

Well, see, this needs sysadmin set up (installation of textpattern, creation
of mysql account and import of initial data, etc). It's totally appropriate
for GNOME to host and so on, so take this note as web team approval.

- Jeff

-- 2005: Canberra, Australia      
    "MySQL supporters are like people who believe that the moon landings
    were a hoax. No matter what contrary information they're confronted
         with, they still consider MySQL to be the best." - ttfkam

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