Re: Introducing Deckard: a helper for translators

El dt 22 de 01 de 2013 a les 19:51 +0100, en/na Nicolas Delvaux va
> Hi everyone,
> I developed a web-application to help translators of Gtk+ programs, more
> precisely those that use Glade.
> TL;DR: you can try it on

That's just plain amazing, you rock!!

> The rational is that translators should always test their translations
> in context but that is not always easy.
> Some UI need specific conditions to be displayed. For example, you can't
> actually see the inside of the Wacom panel (in gnome-control-center) if
> such a device is not plugged in your computer.
> Anyway, the process of building a development version of a program from
> sources just to be able to test new translations is boring and time
> consuming.
> This is where Deckard can help.
> All files on the server (UI and translations) are updated from Git once
> a day. So what you see when displaying a UI is the current state of the
> translation in the selected language.
> But you can also upload your own PO files to just easily test how good
> your work-in-progress translation is.
> (custom PO files are removed from the server when your session ends)
> Well, that's about it I guess.
> Just a few more notes:
> - The code is released on AGPLv3
> - The project is hosted on Launchpad:
> - Feel free to report any bug on
> - If I forgot to add your language or a particular module, mail me or
> report a bug!
> - If you have some web-design or programming skills, feel free to
> contribute ;-)

That's soo soo cool!

Without having look at the code, but as people already asked about
integrating in D-L, a first approach would be to be able to generate
URL's that already have all the info, so something like:

you get the idea, right? :)

Thanks *a lot* for this amazing tool!!


> Cheers,
> Nicolas

Gil Forcada

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