Re: Introducing Deckard: a helper for translators

Hi everyone (and sorry for the global response),

Thank you all for your enthusiasm :-)

Various people mailed me:
> Could you add the xx_XX language?

I added support for Bengali, Hindi, Indonesian, Punjabi and Tajik.

It's obvious that Deckard still lack support for many languages (just
have a look at, so I will add a bunch
a new ones regularly.
Each locale has to be generated on the server ("now you support this
locale too") and then I have to try it, because some locales require
specific fonts to be displayed properly.
So that's why I can't just add all missing languages at the same time.
I usually need around 5 minutes to add a locale, so that's not a big
deal either.

In the mean time, you can still mail me if you want me to add your
locale "quickly" ;-)

> Without having look at the code, but as people already asked about 
> integrating in D-L, a first approach would be to be able to generate 
> URL's that already have all the info, so something like:
> you get the idea, right? :)

That's a great idea :-)

I already implemented a part of it.
For example, to preselect gedit and bn_IN:

I need to think a bit more about the best way to implement the "import
PO from URL" feature. It could introduce a security flaw if it is done


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