Introducing Deckard: a helper for translators

Hi everyone,

I developed a web-application to help translators of Gtk+ programs, more
precisely those that use Glade.

TL;DR: you can try it on

The rational is that translators should always test their translations
in context but that is not always easy.
Some UI need specific conditions to be displayed. For example, you can't
actually see the inside of the Wacom panel (in gnome-control-center) if
such a device is not plugged in your computer.
Anyway, the process of building a development version of a program from
sources just to be able to test new translations is boring and time

This is where Deckard can help.

All files on the server (UI and translations) are updated from Git once
a day. So what you see when displaying a UI is the current state of the
translation in the selected language.

But you can also upload your own PO files to just easily test how good
your work-in-progress translation is.
(custom PO files are removed from the server when your session ends)

Well, that's about it I guess.

Just a few more notes:
- The code is released on AGPLv3
- The project is hosted on Launchpad:
- Feel free to report any bug on
- If I forgot to add your language or a particular module, mail me or
report a bug!
- If you have some web-design or programming skills, feel free to
contribute ;-)


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