Re: Indentation in translatable string

Op Do, 2012-05-10 om 23:25 +0200 skryf Frederic Peters:
> F Wolff wrote:
> > Adding spaces is another interesting thing, because of possible
> > double-width characters, or is only the starting point of the strings
> > important? Frédéric, can you maybe give an example of output where these
> > would be used?
> Indeed, it would be used at the start of a line, it's used to
> structure a little bit the output, like:
> |  System installed packages which are new enough:
> |    (none)
> |
> |  Required packages:
> |    System installed packages which are too old:
> |      (none)
> |    No matching system package installed:
> |      (none)

Ok, in that case, adding the spaces programmatically looks safe to me,
since there is no text before, and it is only used for left alignment. I
can't say for sure about RTL, but I _guess_ it might even work there.
You can probably test with konsole and a fake RTL translation made with
podebug --rewrite=flipped


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