Re: Indentation in translatable string


Am Mittwoch 09 Mai 2012, um 18:26:40 schrieb Frederic Peters:
> Luca Ferretti wrote:
> > Il giorno 09/mag/2012 16:36, "Frederic Peters" <fpeters gnome org> ha
> > scritto:
> > 
> > > I was about to suggest they should be removed so translators would
> > > only get one string to translate but then I got to wonder about RTL
> > > languages, perhaps it makes sense to have indentation in the string?
> > 
> > If alignment is needed, why not using gtk widget stuff and keep the
> > shortest string ("(none)")? This way you should also be safe with RTL.
> Indeed, but this message would appear in jhbuild, and be displayed in
> a console.

I'd suggest the string "none" be translated (marked with context, for
that matter), and the rest done in the source via string concatenation,
like adding indentation and braces (which does not need translation,
so why bother translators with that?).

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