Re: Indentation in translatable string

Op Wo, 2012-05-09 om 18:54 +0200 skryf Christian Hilberg:
> > Indeed, but this message would appear in jhbuild, and be displayed
> in
> > a console.

As far as I know gnome-terminal doesn't support right-to-left languages
yet, so a proper translation of this in Arabic will probably be to leave
it in English until gnome-terminal supports it. I guess not many people
jhbuild in konsole (which does support it to some extent, as far as I

> I'd suggest the string "none" be translated (marked with context, for
> that matter), and the rest done in the source via string
> concatenation,
> like adding indentation and braces (which does not need translation,
> so why bother translators with that?).

Braces are punctuation which is language dependant as far as I know.

Adding spaces is another interesting thing, because of possible
double-width characters, or is only the starting point of the strings
important? Frédéric, can you maybe give an example of output where these
would be used?


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