Re: String additions to 'anjuta.master'

> Op Do, 2010-09-23 om 16:40 +0200 skryf Johannes Schmid:
>> Hi!
>> > It isn't necessary to review things by hand only. I wrote a page on
>> the
>> > wiki a while ago about testing i18n.  A big part of this is about
Hi Friedel!

> If a developer is testing some new feature, and cares about i18n, then
> it is easy to just test the i18n of the new feature that is being worked
> on.  If a developer on the team bothered to write a tooltip, I guess
> that same person might care what the tooltip looks like, so might review
> it in the application anyway.  So if testing this is hard, testing the
> application is hard.  I don't think testing the i18n is really that much
> of a burden.  The question is if developers want to test, and if they
> care about i18n.  I guess that most care.

You misunderstood me. If course a developer caring about i18n might want
to check that tooltip. But usually the workflow of a developer is got to
get things running first and check in the end. And sometimes you miss
things which is what happened here.

> Podebug makes it really easy to make a pseudo-localised file to test if
> a 100% translated file gives a 100% translated GUI.  It can also help to
> test a few other aspects of i18n (like handling non-ascii text,
> right-to-left text), and I think is a way to make international user
> experience better from the start while the code is fresh in a
> developer's mind, rather than waiting for bug reports necessitating
> rework in the code after the fact.

Of course Podebug has it's value I was just pointing out that it doesn't
necessarily catch everything and that it doesn't automate testing but just
gives you another tool that can give hints. If somethings was missed in
manual testing before it can as well be missed with podebug.


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