Re: String additions to 'anjuta.master'

Op Do, 2010-09-23 om 09:53 +0200 skryf Johannes Schmid:
> Hi!
> > Sure, now I see that there are devhelp messages as well. I don't blame
> > you for fixing this, obviously, but I do think it is disrespectful to
> > translators that NONE of the developers on either of the development
> > teams thought to look for this before now.
> That is far from easy to catch. Usually you try to do code review as much
> as possible but sometimes you miss things. The things Jonh fixed aren't
> catched by intltool or make distcheck. For the plugin.c file I think this
> stings aren't actually shown in the UI because the column headers are
> hidden and for the ui file I have to admit that checking an xml file by
> hand is not an easy job and I wonder why glade would want to default to
> non-translatable strings.
> Overall, I think we had far less string freeze breaks this cycle than in
> other cycles. If you think that's wrong please prove that by statistics.
> BTW, all of the above doesn't count as string freeze break in the rules we
> agreed on anyway. But I also think we had less "non-string-freeze breaks"
> this cycle.

It isn't necessary to review things by hand only. I wrote a page on the
wiki a while ago about testing i18n.  A big part of this is about
spotting strings not marked for translation:

It probably won't help developers to spot all errors, but maybe we can
avoid several, and work on raising our standards earlier in the release

I'm sure we'd all like to work together to find ways of improving things
without increasing the workload much for anyone involved.  Let's use the
tools that are available.

Keep well

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