Re: legal notice must not translated?


I am not entirely sure if we set up a formal GNOME policy at least I
couldn't find something in the wiki.

But AFAIK this discussion came up from time to time and it is right that
you must NOT translate legal notices because the software is licensed
with the exact wording and not in any translation.

Usually the legal notice (usually GPLv2 or v3) shouldn't be marked for

There are several sources of translations for different licenses and
it's ok to point to those for your personal information but they are not
and will never replace the original license text.


Am Mittwoch, den 28.04.2010, 19:23 +0700 schrieb Andika Triwidada:
> Hi,
> I read something we (Indonesian translators) have been done differently than
> this rule for GNOME:
> "Should I translate legal notices?
> No. You must never do that. The exact wording of the legal notices is
> very important and a translation not approved by lawyers is very
> risky. Red Hat is the legal representative and primary sponsor of the
> Fedora Project and does not have the resources to cross check every
> single translation. Just leave the original English notice in tact
> when it covers legal matters."
> What is GNOME l10n's policy about this?
> Thanks
> --
> andika
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