Re: Bugs in translations in native language?

Op Vr, 2009-06-05 om 18:47 +0200 skryf Johannes Schmid:
> It's usually best when people report bugs in Englisch but if they
> can't
> it's better that they report in their native language. Actually it
> would
> be good to translate the bugzilla interface as well.

Last time I looked into this I almost had a hart attack. If you are used
to translating in the GNOME world, Bugzilla will feel like going back to
the stone age. I haven't looked at this recently, so I don't know if
anything changed since I looked, but I got the impression that if you
don't know HTML and some Perl, you won't succeed.  And of course, you
can forget about using a translation tool, QA tool, reusing translations
or doing anything sane that we are all used to.

Oh, and you _have_ to update it for each micro release - remember, no
msgmerge available.

Good luck

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