Re: Bugs in translations in native language?

Em Sex, 2009-06-05 às 07:58 +0200, Marcel Telka escreveu:
> Hi,
> Everybody can file bugs in translations into bugzilla under the l10n
> product (and particular component). What is the policy for such
> bugreports? Should they be written in English only? Can a reporter use
> his own native language for describing a bug in translation to his
> native language?
> Thanks.

I don't know any policy about that. I believe English should be used
whenever possible because I helps non-translators to know what to do.
What happens if the reporter files the bug in his native language
against the product itself?

In a few cases when the pt_BR translation team received bug reports in
Portuguese in Bugzilla, we replied in both languages. But we can only do
that because this is very occasional. We are open to bug reports in our
mailing list as well, and sometimes we use Damned Lies as an "internal"
bug tracker, by posting comments for the next translator.

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