Re: Launchpad licensing issues

Em Qui, 2008-07-03 às 21:31 -0400, Og Maciel escreveu:
> On Thu, Jul 3, 2008 at 7:46 PM, Leonardo F. Fontenelle
> <leonardof gnome org> wrote:
> > What a minute... If I localize a GPL-ed software, and distribute my
> > translation with the GPL, an Ubuntu translation team will be unable to
> > import it into Rosetta. Even worse, today there should be a lot of
> > upstream translation already in Rosetta. They can't just change the
> > licensing of previously GPL-ed contributions!
> Hold your horses fellas. Nothing of this sort has happened yet. I've
> been following this discussion at both ends of the "arena" long
> enough, and from what I understand nothing that gets imported (not to
> confuse with uploaded manually) by Ubuntu gets the new BSD licensing
> scheme. In other words, a GNOME package that gets imported will
> maintain its original license. It is only with translations done via
> Rosetta OR manual uploads that the BSD license kicks in (assuming you
> are a member of the Ubuntu translation team AND have chosen the BSD
> license). Because this new process is new, I believe that it is safe
> to say that every GNOME package in the Ubuntu repositories still have
> their original license.

That's better :) When a imported, GPL-ed translation needs one or two
adjustments in Rosetta (e.g. because of an Ubuntu patch, or upstream has
a translation bug), how will the resulting Ubuntu file be licensed?

Leonardo Fontenelle

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