Re: Slowness in farsi translation

O/H Tomas Kuliavas έγραψε:
If Sharif Linux is 100%
translated, it can't be explained by limited number of packages and
distribution differences unless Persian Gnome 2.10 translation was close
to 100% and it degraded to 74% in 2.14 due to lots of changes in
translations. I don't think that translation can lose 25% of strings in
just two major Gnome releases.
I don't understand this line of reasoning at all. Please explain.
Where did you get your numbers from? What do you think happened? UI stats

Gnome 2.14 - 74%
Gnome 2.16 - 74%
Gnome 2.18 - 68%
Gnome 2.20 - 63%
Gnome 2.22 - 55%
Gnome 2.24-dev - 51%

Sarif Linux is some customized redhat/fedora based distribution. It uses
Gnome 2.10. I don't have information about standard Gnome 2.10 UI Farsi
translation stats. Screenshots look fully translated.
Tomas, it is important to include the lines such as "On <date>, PersonA wrote:". Reading above, I have to search through the e-mail to figure out who are the two people you quote.

In order to get a distribution fully translated, you do not need to have a 100% translation at the GNOME stats. GNOME includes packages that may or may not be included in a distribution. I think it has already been explained. Therefore, there should be no conspiracy with a 25% fall between 2.10 to 2.14.

I think Christian captured the debate in his e-mail very well, and it looks that this is where we stand.

Reading the most recent e-mail by Mohammad, I see that he is still maintaining an aggressive stance. I would suggest that if he apologises, post the translations to Bugzilla (like Zabeeh did), things might move on. I am skeptical that such a change of behaviour can occur, however I wish I am proven wrong.

Andre, in an earlier e-mail reminded us of the GNOME Code of Conduct,

I copy a part of it:

   * Be respectful and considerate:
         o Disagreement is no excuse for poor behaviour or personal
           attacks. Remember that a community where people feel
           uncomfortable is not a productive one.

         Applies to


     GNOME Bugzilla <>


     GNOME mailing lists <>

         o Individuals who signed at

A step to the right direction would be to sign up on and show explicitly that we abide by the GNOME Code of Conduct.


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