Re: Approving of string freeze breaks (was: Re: Fwd: String additions to 'gnome-keyring.HEAD')


OK, from developer point of view:

> "Use comments"

You know what you mean when you created the string and it is really
difficult to estimate if the string is understandable for others.

Developers only add comments when it is technical necessary, something
like "translate the same as in program xy".

> "Never split sentences"
> "Avoid markup wherever possible"

Thease two are really avoidable, the developers are too blame for that.

> "Plurals"
On the one side many developers are not yet aware of that feature and on
the other side it is simply forgotton.

To conclude, it is not about to blame someone, it is about having a
rational view on things and to accept that string freeze breaks WILL
happen because of various reasons. That's about was Danilo said on
GUADEC about string freeze breaks when he briefed the i18n-team, IIRC.


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