Re: Approving of string freeze breaks (was: Re: Fwd: String additions to 'gnome-keyring.HEAD')

Em Sex, 2008-02-15 às 14:10 +0100, Johannes Schmid escreveu:

> Well, I wouldn't blame developers that much. Many teams (besides the
> really big) start translating not really before string-freeze and thus
> those bug-reports come in after freeze. Developers are usually not
> really aware of potential translation problem before someone pokes them.

Indeed. Which makes me think if it's time to change some policies.
Either teams do start translating *before* the freeze (in order to file
bugs in time), or we should change the term 'freeze' by a new one.

My case: I've added some new strings in vino in the beginning of the
cycle, and, only now, after the freeze, I got bugs against some wrong
strings. I prefer to wait and change them for 2.24 :(.

Jonh Wendell

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