Approving of string freeze breaks (was: Re: Fwd: String additions to 'gnome-keyring.HEAD')


> I also agree that the practics of  approving general, not-so-critical
> string freeze breaks is bad very bad. It seems that developers don't
> think it's a time for mandatory freeze rather time to begin fixing
> string problems. And that's because we approve all their requests to
> break the rule. Bad too bad.

Well, I wouldn't blame developers that much. Many teams (besides the
really big) start translating not really before string-freeze and thus
those bug-reports come in after freeze. Developers are usually not
really aware of potential translation problem before someone pokes them.

Because we have a large string freeze period, my personal opinion is
that we could fix little string problems in the first week of string
freeze without doing too much harm to translators. It's really not a big
deal to fix some fuzzy strings.

Also note that en_* teams do most of their work with automatic scripts.
If nobody points them to wrong english strings they will miss those and
the quite big english speaker user-base will have wrong strings with is
a quality-problem.


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