Re: Recent discussion about Persian team

Hi roozbeh,

 I just started translating gnome-panel.

 I translated it's first 1600 lines, but before completing it, wann know
your idea.

 Please chek it for me and tell me:

  Is it acceptable for you?
  Should I continue?
  Do you submit it to SVN for me?

 Here is its link:

 Also There is a little question:

 The page
at: says that we should not translate frases like \"red\" in the text:

>When translating key descriptions, be careful with sample key values,
>which will be enclosed in double quotes. They should not be translated.
>For example: 
>#: src/ 
>msgid "" 
>"Default color of terminal background, as a color specification (can be
>"style hex digits, or a color name such as \"red\")." 
>msgstr "" 
>"Rhagosodiad lliw cefndir y terfynell, fel penodid lliw (gall fod mewn
>"ddigidau fel yn HTML neu fel enw lliw megis \"red\")." 

>In the example, “red” is a sample key value, and must be copied
>verbatim into the translation. Note that because the double quote
>character is significant in .po files, it is escaped with the

But I saw you where translating it, do you have any special purpose or
it is just a mistake?

I must translate these kind of messages?


On Tue, 2008-04-15 at 21:46 -0700, Roozbeh Pournader wrote:
> On Tue, Apr 15, 2008 at 9:25 PM, Mohammad Foroughi <mf 417 ir> wrote:
> > I was your Sharif Linux's Screenshots. It is REALLY excellent
> Thanks. But you haven't seen the manual and the packaging. They are even better!
> > mozilla nad
> > totem and all other thigs are completely translated. My question is: how
> > can I have a translated mozilla (or totem or other things) in my ubuntu,
> > or debian?
> Please ask Ubuntu or Debian people for that. I don't follow their processes.
> > Did you submit your mozilla tramslation of Mozilla
> > Foundation? If yes, how can I change my firefox's UI language?
> Yes. Probably Behnam Esfahbod who worked on it for FarsiWeb can tell
> you more about it. His email address is "behnam zwnj org".
> >  I think there is no need for it, but personally I love your Linux, it is
> >  really beautiful. To tell you the truth, I wanna make ubuntu and debian
> >  look like Sharif Linux? Is it possible?
> With thousands of hours of effort, why not? ;-)
> FarsiWeb had an excellent and very dedicated team of engineers,
> translators, managers, and consultants for Sharif Linux 2, and it took
> us quite a lot of time and money. But lots of that work is already
> upstream, so you can save some time. Persian i18n and L10n is not an
> easy task to do, but the result is worth it.
> >  P.S. Just to satisfy my curious soal: Do you plan to distribute a new
> >  ver. of Sharif Linux?
> Please ask FarsiWeb directly. I am not an employee anymore.
> Good luck,
> Roozbeh Pournader

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