Re: Recent discussion about Persian team

Dear roozbeh,

> The glossary is in the CVS. Check the module named "gnome-i18n". It's
>in the directory named "glossary".

I'll get it and start my work ASAP.

>All the GNOME-related PO files of Sharif Linux 2 have *already* been
>checked in to the GNOME subversion. I have done that personally, so
>there is no need to post all of them to SVN.

If so, you are true. But there is just a little question of mine: I was
your Sharif Linux's Screenshots. It is REALLY excellent, mozilla nad
totem and all other thigs are completely translated. My question is: how
can I have a translated mozilla (or totem or other things) in my ubuntu,
or debian? Did you submit your mozilla tramslation of Mozilla
Foundation? If yes, how can I change my firefox's UI language?

>Still, if you are interested in the Sharif Linux 2 source code (which
>has the exact POs used in Sharif Linux 2 for it's GNOME 2.10), you can
>get it from FarsiWeb. It is explained here:

I think there is no need for it, but personally I love your Linux, it is
really beautiful. To tell you the truth, I wanna make ubuntu and debian
look like Sharif Linux? Is it possible?

P.S. Just to satisfy my curious soal: Do you plan to distribute a new
ver. of Sharif Linux?

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