Stepping down

I first got involved with the GNOME Project through the translation team 
back in 2003, and this involvement has been nice and fun up to a certain 
point, besides having taught me a number of lessons regarding human 
relations as well as language issues.

However, in recent months I have seen a range of behaviours which I find 
indescribably hard to cope with, from people protesting on this very 
mailing list because they deemed it unfair and prejudicial not to have
direct write access to SVN, no matter how carefully my reasoning both as
translation coordinator and systems administrator had been exposed, to
groups of people acting inside the team with so much independence as to 
changing internal procedures regardless of my serious concerns having 
been made public or sometimes my having explicitly stated my opposition
and disapproval. For the sake of exemplification, I have been unable to
post to the team mailing list for the last couple of months.

I am actually quite concerned of what might follow this act, but I still 
have hope I may be awfully mistaken, for what I foresee is far from 
making me enthusiastic, but it is already beyond my current motivation 
to try and fight this, which has been coming for some time, at least 
from the inside.

Therefore, without further due,

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To whom it may concern,

I hereby tender my resignation from my role as Brazilian Portuguese
Translation Coordinator in the GNOME Project, and appoint Leonardo
Ferreira Fontenelle <leonardof svn gnome org> to succeed me in this
one, particular task. The resignation shall be effective from the
moment Leonardo has accepted the duty and this message has been
acknowledged by at least one of the GNOME Translation Project

Saturday, April 19th 2008

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Sapiens nihil affirmat quod non probat.


Guilherme de S. Pastore
gpastore gnome org

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