Re: Recent discussion about Persian team

On Tue, Apr 15, 2008 at 9:25 PM, Mohammad Foroughi <mf 417 ir> wrote:
> I was your Sharif Linux's Screenshots. It is REALLY excellent

Thanks. But you haven't seen the manual and the packaging. They are even better!

> mozilla nad
> totem and all other thigs are completely translated. My question is: how
> can I have a translated mozilla (or totem or other things) in my ubuntu,
> or debian?

Please ask Ubuntu or Debian people for that. I don't follow their processes.

> Did you submit your mozilla tramslation of Mozilla
> Foundation? If yes, how can I change my firefox's UI language?

Yes. Probably Behnam Esfahbod who worked on it for FarsiWeb can tell
you more about it. His email address is "behnam zwnj org".

>  I think there is no need for it, but personally I love your Linux, it is
>  really beautiful. To tell you the truth, I wanna make ubuntu and debian
>  look like Sharif Linux? Is it possible?

With thousands of hours of effort, why not? ;-)

FarsiWeb had an excellent and very dedicated team of engineers,
translators, managers, and consultants for Sharif Linux 2, and it took
us quite a lot of time and money. But lots of that work is already
upstream, so you can save some time. Persian i18n and L10n is not an
easy task to do, but the result is worth it.

>  P.S. Just to satisfy my curious soal: Do you plan to distribute a new
>  ver. of Sharif Linux?

Please ask FarsiWeb directly. I am not an employee anymore.

Good luck,
Roozbeh Pournader

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