Re: gtk+ based translation tool

On 8/19/07, Pedro de Medeiros <pedrovmm gmail com> wrote:
> Probably. Poedit scans for installed translations in /usr subdirectories
> to create its internal database, but it could be fed from somewhere
> else. For instance, there are, at least in Portuguese, a glossary that
> serves as guides for translations of free software. It should be useful to
> populate the application's glossary. How that TranslationManager you
> use gathers data for its glossary?

I don't know how it works on Linux, but on Windows I have to point a
directory where poEdit will find po files to make its TM database

But getting translations from mo files seems to me something really
clever. I'd just suggest that the TM database be stored in plain text
files, so they can be more easily edited, if needed.

Raphael Higino

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