Re: gtk+ based translation tool

On 8/22/07, Gabor Kelemen <kelemeng gnome hu> wrote:
> > That's funny. I was thinking that most people don't use it, because
> > it requires having source code around to be useful, which is not the
> > case if you are not a tester. And I guess most translators aren't. :)
> >
> Oh, they contain a lot of information :)
> For example, I can translate the same string differently if it's in a
> .desktop file or in a .c file, or if strings are in adjacent lines of
> code, meaning they are probably the from the same window - basically
> most of the string's context can be guessed from the file names and line
> numbers (with some experience :)).

I have to agree with that.

Source lines really help me guess the function of a string and I've
been thinking of writing some hints for our translator in Brazilian
Portuguese team about it. Though I'm too lazy to summarize everything,
as Gabor did. :D

Raphael Higino

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