Re: RFC: going to add 2.18 branch

On 10/7/06, Priit Laes <amd store20 com> wrote:
Can't we have both 2.18 and 2.14? If the problem is the amount of
time/power what it takes to generate the statistics - generation
frequency could be decreased for 2.14 series (once a few days or even a

Currently all branches are regenerated in one shot, and can't separate
without changes from Carlos' machine. Adding 2.14 basically means
the time required to regenerate everything is multiplied by 1.5, though
I don't really know the impact of additional loading on the machines.
That looks like a black box to me.


Keeping things near 100% is easier for me rather than discovering next
to string freeze that I have lots of modules near 50%.

PS. Sorry, Wouter, my bad that you were the only one to receive this letter ;)


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