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On 6/27/06, Christian Rose <menthos gnome org> wrote:


Thanks Taneem for your reply. I would also like to thank you very much
for your past involvement.
It seems you were not entirely convinced that there was a real need
for a seperate bn_IN. Could you please enlighten us why?

In a similar manner, could you Sayamindu please enlighten us why you
are convinced there is a need for a seperate bn_IN translation? We
usually require rather solid motivations why translation efforts for a
language should be split, so could you please explain and summarize
the significant differences in written Bengali and/or terminology that
you think warrants the split efforts.

Sorry for the late reply - I have been travelling lately:

Bangla/Bengali already has split locales as bn and bn_IN in most of the major
distros like Fedora [], Debian
[], Ubuntu
[  and]. Mozilla
[] and XFCE
[] also have  bn_IN
translations. bn_IN and bn_BD have different locale definitions due to
differences in currency, time etc.
From the viewpoint of translations, translators based out of India
follow the revised spelling and grammatical recommendations as mandated
by the Govt. of West Bengal's [Indian State] Language Body -Pashcim
Banga Bangla Akademi
[]. While
translators based in Bangladesh follow the specifications of the local
language body. Due to dialectical differences in the spoken language and
a major shift from the traditional written form by the Indian body it is
becoming difficult to maintain consistency in common bn interfaces.
Currently, gnome is the major desktop where a common bn interface is
maintained with not so satisfactory results both as a stand-alone
desktop as well as in conjunction with the distros.

Please let me know if you require any more information/clarification.


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