Re: Announcing new team for bn_IN

On 6/26/06, Taneem Ahmed <taneem eyetap org> wrote:
On Thu, 22 Jun 2006, Christian Rose wrote:
> Taneem Ahmed <taneem eyetap org> *is* still the current official
> coordinator for Bengali translations of GNOME. He has not publically
> resigned, nor has his coordinatorship been publically challenged by
> anyone else on the gnome-i18n list.
> If you would like to ask for a new Bengali coordinator to be
> appointed, please send a new mail to this list clearly saying so, and
> please also mention who you would like to be the new coordinator and
> why.
> I do not think we will accept any new bn_* team unless the (current)
> Bengali coordinator agrees with that change, which in this case means
> that Taneem Ahmed will have to agree with the change. Otherwise, we
> will have to solve the coordinatorship issue first before the split
> can even be considered.

Hi Cristian,

Bengali translation till now has been done by Ankur group, and I guess
most of the Ankur members from India feels that it makes sense to have
bn_IN. My personal view is not to take this path, but I respect their
wish and agree to the new bn_IN team for the Indian Bengali translation
with the details Sayamindu has provided.

I guess there is no point having a bn_BD team for Bangladeshi Bengali, and
the current bn team can carry on. Keeping that in mind I would like to
hand over the bn team coordinator postion to Jamil Ahmed
<itsjamil gmail com>. All our * bengalinux org are forwarded aliases, so I
guess itsjamil gmail com should be used for security reasons.

I would also like to thank you for all your help through out the time I
was involved with the project.

Thanks Taneem for your reply. I would also like to thank you very much
for your past involvement.
It seems you were not entirely convinced that there was a real need
for a seperate bn_IN. Could you please enlighten us why?

In a similar manner, could you Sayamindu please enlighten us why you
are convinced there is a need for a seperate bn_IN translation? We
usually require rather solid motivations why translation efforts for a
language should be split, so could you please explain and summarize
the significant differences in written Bengali and/or terminology that
you think warrants the split efforts.


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