Re: Should translators change source strings?

Tr, 2005 08 10 16:07 +0100, Francisco Javier Fernandez raÅÄ:
> I completely agree. Filling a bug in that case is completely non-sense.

Indeed it is, but when we are in string freeze and haven't got any
official "Feel free to fix it" or "You'd better don't, or I'll..."
permission, it's still the only solution, not an elegant one, though.

Look at #312845, it's two days in bugzilla already and by the time it's
still not fixed. Clytie could have done it two days ago with posting to
gnome-i18n, e.g. "Fixed a typo (s/to simple/too simple/) in
gnome-control-center. Translators are encouraged to update
translations.", without disturbing any developer.

Any official "do" or "don't" is welcome. :)


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