Re: Announcement: string change in gnome-control-center, about-me capplet

Clytie Siddall wrote:

On 08/08/2005, at 7:32 AM, Adam Weinberger wrote:

Diego Gonzalez wrote:

I have just added 4 new strings to the capplet to fix the bug  #312092.
The new strings are:
"Password is too short",
"Password is too simple",
"Old and new passwords are too similar",
"Old and new password are the same"

One of them says "password is to simple" (it might be too short, I don't remember which).

This is also a current error in gdm2. I was about to report is as a bug. Should I still do that?

If a string has a major grammar or spelling error like that, then it should definitely have a bug filed against it.

# Adam

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