Re: Central teams database (was Re: cvs-po-commits-list *still broken*)

ons 2005-08-10 klockan 21:05 +0700 skrev Ross Golder:
> On à., 2005-08-10 at 11:54 +0200, Christian Rose wrote:
> > What needs to be done is, basically:
> > 1. Come up with a sane DTD for the teams database
> > 2. Migrate the teams data to this DTD
> > 3. Put this XML database in CVS
> > 4. Make sure the web pages use this data through some scripts
> > 5. Make sure the translation status pages use this data
> > 6. Make sure Bugzilla uses this data through some scripts
> > 7. Make sure any other scripts use this data
> That's *exactly* how I was thinking it should work. Thanks for putting
> it so concisely.
> Probably best to 'just do it' wrt to the teams database. One cool thing
> about XML is that you can throw the data together (to a certain extent)
> first, and the DTD will slowly reveal itself and evolve over time. How
> about starting with something like this and letting others on the list
> rip it to bits ;) When there's something useful, check an initial copy
> into CVS somewhere, announce it here and let people add/update their own
> team sections.

I'm not sure about the "let people add/update their own team sections"
part just yet -- all changes to any team's data should be approved by
that team's coordinator. Perhaps "feel free to change your team data as
long as you're the coordinator for that team".

> <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
> <i18nteams>
>  <team lang="th">
>   <englishname>Thai</englishname>
>   <nativename>ààà</nativename>
>   <website></website>
>   <coordinator>
>    <!-- actually, I'm not, just an example -->
>    <name>Ross Golder</name>
>    <email>l10n opentle org</email>
>   </coordinator>
>   <changenotification>
>    <!-- example! not real (yet) -->
>    <email>cvs-po-commits-th-list gnome org</email>
>   </changenotification>
>  </team>
>  <team>
>   ...

Thanks a lot for the suggestion! A couple of points:

1. I think we should try to have two web site entries, one
translator-oriented and one user-oriented, i.e. like the distinction
between and It often kind of makes
sense to try to seperate translator-oriented information from user
information, and some teams have that distinction already, so that
information intended for existing translators and volunteering
translators is separated from any localized information about GNOME that
happens to be of general interest.
So perhaps:


2. We should try to keep the Bugzilla information as well. Perhaps:

  <bugzillainitialowner>menthos menthos com</bugzillainitialowner>
  <bugzillainitialqacontact>sv lists gnome se</bugzillainitialqacontact>

3. Some teams maintain more than one variant of the translations; e.g.
the Serbian team maintains both the "sr" translation (Cyrillic script)
and the "sr Latn" translation (Latin script). I'm not sure about how
that information should be added... Perhaps the simplest thing is just
to make cases like that appear as different teams in the database,
although they are in reality the same team?


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