Re: (ka) Georgian language support for GNOME

Yesterday at 14:38, Christian Rose wrote:

> sön 2004-05-30 klockan 13.31 skrev Aiet Kolkhi:
>> Sure. If you look at Weekly Translation Status mail posted in this
>> list, you will find ka (ka) 0.91% on number 72 (in Unsupported
>> Languages section). And it should say "Georgian (ka)" instead of
>> just "(ka)".
> Ok, Carlos (who maintains the translation status pages code) needs to
> add the language name to the code. Carlos, can you fix that, and also
> the other language names missing?

I've added these two (with "Turkmen" for tk) at least to my weekly
report (which seems to be more visible to newcomers, I should perhaps 
add a link to l10n-status.g.o somewhere in that mail).  I keep a
separate database which I only occasionally update with language

At the same time, I've set it up to send both 2.8 and 2.6 status
reports starting next Friday.


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