Re[2]: (ka) Georgian language support for GNOME

Hello Christian,

>Aiet, please remind me when a week's time has passed. Also, please 
>let us know if you want to volunteer to be the new Georgian team

Yes, I would like to volunteer, if the former coordinator has nothing to object.

>You can start translating GNOME into Georgian right away
>though; what should be translated is listed on these pages:

Ok.  have already translated some pos, but I guess we should first wait to solve the coordination problem, right?

>Please make sure the translations you produce are in UTF-8 and that 
>they pass the "msgfmt -cv ka.po" test without errors or warnings.

That would not be a problem, as I have been coordinating many projects and gnu gettext is pretty familiar for me ;)

I could start searching for other volunteers too, also try to do a little PR for Georgian GNOME, but again, we should wait for Sandro's reply.

>> Another note: As I mentioned earlier, there is a
>> Georgian-localized yelp file on gtp cvs, located in ka folder. I
>> did the localization and Mandrake l19n manager Pablo Saratxaga
>> uploaded it there. Could you kindly associate the 'ka' folder to
>> Georgian?

>I'm afraid I don't really understand this problem... Could you

Sure. If you look at Weekly Translation Status mail posted in this list, you will find ka (ka) 0.91% on number 72 (in Unsupported Languages section). And it should say "Georgian (ka)" instead of just "(ka)".

Also, there is tk directory in the same list, which I believe should say Tokelauan (tk). Actually people at Tokelau also speak Samoan and some dialect of New Zeland English, so I am not sure in which language the Gnome localization is done for tk.

Best regards,
 Aiet Kolkhi                           mailto:aiet qartuli net

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