Re: (ka) Georgian language support for GNOME

sön 2004-05-30 klockan 13.31 skrev Aiet Kolkhi:
> >Please make sure the translations you produce are in UTF-8 and that 
> >they pass the "msgfmt -cv ka.po" test without errors or warnings.
> That would not be a problem, as I have been coordinating many projects and gnu gettext is pretty familiar for me ;)

Ok. It's just my boilerplate text. :-)

> I could start searching for other volunteers too, also try to do a little PR for Georgian GNOME, but again, we should wait for Sandro's reply.


> >> Another note: As I mentioned earlier, there is a
> >> Georgian-localized yelp file on gtp cvs, located in ka folder. I
> >> did the localization and Mandrake l19n manager Pablo Saratxaga
> >> uploaded it there. Could you kindly associate the 'ka' folder to
> >> Georgian?
> >I'm afraid I don't really understand this problem... Could you
> >elaborate?
> Sure. If you look at Weekly Translation Status mail posted in this list, you will find ka (ka) 0.91% on number 72 (in Unsupported Languages section). And it should say "Georgian (ka)" instead of just "(ka)".

Ok, Carlos (who maintains the translation status pages code) needs to
add the language name to the code. Carlos, can you fix that, and also
the other language names missing?

> Also, there is tk directory in the same list, which I believe should say Tokelauan (tk). Actually people at Tokelau also speak Samoan and some dialect of New Zeland English, so I am not sure in which language the Gnome localization is done for tk.

No, "tk" is Turkmen. When in doubt, always check the official homepage
for ISO 639 language codes:

Tokelau appears to not have any two-letter ISO 639-1 code but only a
three-letter ISO 639-2 code: "tkl".


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