Re: (ka) Georgian language support for GNOME

tor 2004-05-20 klockan 22.26 skrev Aiet Kolkhi:
> I am coordinator of some Georgian (ka) localization projects, including Linux Mandrake, Google, Opera browser etc.
> I would like to localize GNOME to Georgian too. I checked GTP teams page and there seems to someone listed as Georgian team coordinator. But as his announcement in this mailing list was over a years ago and I still don't see a single string localizes to Georgian, I guess he is no longer interested in coordinating the project? Anyway, if the person would have nothing to object, I would like to take over the coordination of GNOME Georgian localization.
> On CVS ka folder you will already find a file I localized (gnome-yelp), which was added by Linux Mandrake l10n manager Pablo Saratxaga. As I have some other GNOME pos already localized to Georgian, please kindly advise me how they could be submitted to CVS, without disturbing Pablo every time.

Yes, GNOME already has a Georgian team registered, as you noticed. The
coordinator for this team, listed on, is Sandro Gavtadze
<sundro vake org>.

What you should do is to try contacting this person and discussing this
with him first. If he cannot be contacted (mail bounces, doesn't reply
etc.) please let us know, and we'll start looking for a new Georgian
team coordinator. But please try to contact the existing Georgian team
coordinator first.


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