Re[2]: (ka) Georgian language support for GNOME


>Yes, GNOME already has a Georgian team registered, as you noticed. 
>The coordinator for this team ... is Sandro Gavtadze...
>What you should do is to try contacting this person and discussing 
>this with him first. If he cannot be contacted (mail bounces, doesn't 
>reply etc.) please let us know, and we'll start looking for a new 
>Georgian team coordinator. But please try to contact the existing 
>Georgian team coordinator first.

> Christian

I tried to contact the person but he doesn't seem to have receievd my mail. I sent it with 'receive confirmation' which I didn't receive.  I have also tried find the person or his email address thru various Georgian forums, online communities and search engines, but without success :(

Please let me know how I could proceed.

Another note: As I mentioned earlier, there is a Georgian-localized yelp file on gtp cvs, located in ka folder. I did the localization and Mandrake l19n manager Pablo Saratxaga uploaded it there. Could you kindly associate the 'ka' folder to Georgian?

Best regards,
 Aiet Kolkhi                           mailto:aiet qartuli net

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