Re: terminology & translator management

Op wo 02-07-2003, om 20:51 schreef Danilo Segan:
> sreda, 02. jul 2003. 19:29:15 CEST  pclouds napisa:
> > Sounds interesting! But i don't know Serbian, i can't understand
> > anything in :( Could you give me the link to download?

> Still, my post was mainly an answer to Vincent's post about his
> and the idea of working on a generic "translators' coordination 
> software".
I'm biased of course but Vincent's system is working really well
His links didn't come through correct in his email so please do have a
Here are the statuspages, very convenient for the translators:

And here is a nice graph where one can see the development over time.

All translators are being emailed once a week with the modules that are
not 100%

I believe his system can be fairly easily trancefered to other

--Tino Meinen

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