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Sounds interesting! But i don't know Serbian, i can't understand
anything in :( Could you give me the link to download?

On Wed, Jul 02, 2003 at 05:26:47PM +0200, Danilo Segan wrote:
> sreda, 2. jul 2003. 16:21:09 CEST ??? Vincent van Adrighem napisa:
> >These things have been tailored to my own needs, so it won't work for
> >anyone else unless you change some of the hardcoded variables (like
> >language, encoding and paths. Just go and take a look at the website
> >and if you're interested and want to do something with it...just say 
> >it. I'm willing to help out in making it more general. Maybe we could 
> >even make something like a generig language-translation-coordinator 
> >scriptspack or something. Just thinking out loud here :-)
> >
> I have built quite similar web site for Serbian translation project. 
> There are some differences in practical details.
> The basic organization is this:
> - Everyone can register to become a "translator"
> - Every translators gets his own page at "/osobe/<translator-id>" -- 
> this is where they check what translations they have done so far, 
> change their password or e-mail address, and perform actions on the 
> programs they are translating at the moment and see when their 
> translations are "due". Available actions on any ongoing translation 
> are "give up", "finish" (upload .PO file).
> - There's a page which lists available categories of programs for 
> translation at /programi/gnome/2.4/ -- you can choose all the basic 
> categories which are also found at When you 
> choose a category, there're again some available actions "take the job 
> over". If you're a "maintainer" for a translation, you can "approve" or 
> "deny" the submitted translation by someone (maintainers are assigned 
> on FCFS algorithm -- who translates it first, should maintain it :-).
> - When you take over the job of translation, you get a deadline for 
> submission (eg. 7 days for new translators, or 17 days for translators 
> who have already translated something). When you submit a translation, 
> a mail is sent out to maintainer (and if he approves it to the mailing 
> list). Also, the same notification is sent out to me (the only member 
> of a team with CVS access), so I just follow the "cvs up; intltool-
> update sr; emacsclient Changelog; cvs ci" route :-)
> - There's also a "open dictionary" at the same site at /recnik/ which 
> allows anyone to add a proposition for translation, and vote for a 
> favourite. There's an option for administrators to mark certain 
> translations as "recommended", and therefore instruct translators to 
> use them.
> As I have finished with exams for a while, I'd be more than willing to 
> cooperate on making best of yours, mine, and anyone elses approach on 
> this.
> Sounds interesting? If so, check it out at 
> (unfortunately, I still haven't translated it into english, but will do 
> so soon -- all [well, most, because I got lazy sometimes] strings are 
> in separate file, so it should be mostly localizeable).
> Cheers,
> Danilo
> PS. I like your motto on the site (I'll paraphrase): "Gnome 100% 
> Serbian" -- and with three months of work, we're getting pretty close 
> :-)
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