Re: terminology & translator management

sreda, 2. jul 2003. 16:21:09 CEST — Vincent van Adrighem napisa:
> These things have been tailored to my own needs, so it won't work for
> anyone else unless you change some of the hardcoded variables (like
> language, encoding and paths. Just go and take a look at the website
> and if you're interested and want to do something with it...just say 
> it. I'm willing to help out in making it more general. Maybe we could 
> even make something like a generig language-translation-coordinator 
> scriptspack or something. Just thinking out loud here :-)

I have built quite similar web site for Serbian translation project. 
There are some differences in practical details.

The basic organization is this:
- Everyone can register to become a "translator"

- Every translators gets his own page at "/osobe/<translator-id>" -- 
this is where they check what translations they have done so far, 
change their password or e-mail address, and perform actions on the 
programs they are translating at the moment and see when their 
translations are "due". Available actions on any ongoing translation 
are "give up", "finish" (upload .PO file).

- There's a page which lists available categories of programs for 
translation at /programi/gnome/2.4/ -- you can choose all the basic 
categories which are also found at When you 
choose a category, there're again some available actions "take the job 
over". If you're a "maintainer" for a translation, you can "approve" or 
"deny" the submitted translation by someone (maintainers are assigned 
on FCFS algorithm -- who translates it first, should maintain it :-).

- When you take over the job of translation, you get a deadline for 
submission (eg. 7 days for new translators, or 17 days for translators 
who have already translated something). When you submit a translation, 
a mail is sent out to maintainer (and if he approves it to the mailing 
list). Also, the same notification is sent out to me (the only member 
of a team with CVS access), so I just follow the "cvs up; intltool-
update sr; emacsclient Changelog; cvs ci" route :-)

- There's also a "open dictionary" at the same site at /recnik/ which 
allows anyone to add a proposition for translation, and vote for a 
favourite. There's an option for administrators to mark certain 
translations as "recommended", and therefore instruct translators to 
use them.

As I have finished with exams for a while, I'd be more than willing to 
cooperate on making best of yours, mine, and anyone elses approach on 

Sounds interesting? If so, check it out at 
(unfortunately, I still haven't translated it into english, but will do 
so soon -- all [well, most, because I got lazy sometimes] strings are 
in separate file, so it should be mostly localizeable).


PS. I like your motto on the site (I'll paraphrase): "Gnome 100% 
Serbian" -- and with three months of work, we're getting pretty close 

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