Re: Conclusion GTP and TP?

Christian Rose <> writes:

> Thanks, I noticed you're moving it now. Should we start cvs removing
> those gnucash po files in gnome cvs that have already been moved?

Oops, our mails Xed somehow.

> Which ones are that? The reason I want them cvs removed is that a lot
> of people, including myself, sometimes forget to read README/INFO
> files or notice changes to them. If the files aren't there, it's much
> more obvious that something has changed. It's cvs, so we still have
> history, even if the files are removed.

Yes, that's always good to know.  In addition I've save the gnucash
directory locally.

> Anyway, I will remove the pot file right away and modify the
> INFO/README files accordingly. I've already removed gnucash from the
> translation status.

That's good.  We should take a decision about the rest I mentioned
within the other mail.

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