Re: I18N guide

ons 2002-11-06 klockan 12.00 skrev Malcolm Tredinnick:
> > Yeah, that's probably the best, but they should probably reference each
> > other, since they complement each other. Do you know if it would be
> > possible to put up an html version of your guide on
> > I'd like to reference people to
> > it already, if it's ok with you.
> Anything is possible. I wonder what has to happen to make this occur? I
> honestly have no idea. I'm going to check in some more changes this
> evening and then I'll ping the web guys or harass somebody on IRC until
> I can see what happens.

Sounds good.

> Where should it go? Somewhere off
>, maybe?

Yeah... those pages are in cvs, module web-devel-2. We can probably put
a link there quite easily.

> Is your document just in HTML, or is it generated from DocBook markup.
> If the latter, it would be good to dump the source in gnome-devel-docs.
> We (putting my "docs" hat on for a minute) have a secret plan to create
> a "GNOME developer docs" package at some point for release (I think "at
> some point" means "when Malcolm makes it build"). Including your
> document in that would be cool.

It's just plain xhtml for the moment. I have no clue about DocBook, so I
decided to write it first and convert it at some point later. Also, when
it's finished and reviewed here, I'd like to put it up at some place on Including it in the developer docs sounds like a good idea.


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