Re: I18N guide

mån 2002-11-04 klockan 04.07 skrev Malcolm Tredinnick:
> Hmm. Reading through your document, I realise there are some bits I
> forgot to include in mine that are of use to developers (e.g. the "don't
> translate unnecessary markup" stuff, which I remembered initially, but
> then forgot to include).
> Most of the stuff in your document is really important to get across. I
> guess we need to work out whether to make one  big document combining
> your stuff and mine, or just ditch the "tips and tricks" section from my
> document and put all of that stuff ("best practice for making programs
> internationalisable") into your document.
> My gut feeling is to keep them separate, but I'm sick today, so thinking
> just makes my head hurt.

Yeah, that's probably the best, but they should probably reference each
other, since they complement each other. Do you know if it would be
possible to put up an html version of your guide on I'd like to reference people to
it already, if it's ok with you.


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