Christian Rose <> writes:

> There is no need to argue about this. No team has the resources to stay
> 100% all of the time. That doesn't mean that updated statistics aren't
> useful, on the contrary, and it is a rather stupid argument.

Stats are mostly useless -- nevertheless the TP also creates stats :)

> The time you decide that you want to update the translations it is
> always useful with up-to-date statistics that reflect the reality and
> not the state a few days ago.

Look, to sum up all .po files for 1 language and then say: it's 80%
complete is at least arguable.  You must always have a closer look: are
gnome-libs and other major libraries translated, are "important" parts
of the GUI translated, etc.

> If you don't want to use CVS you don't have to, you fetch the po file
> from the status pages and send it to any person in your team with CVS
> access.

Nicely said -- from time to time people do forward translation files to
me and I have to take an action ;)

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