mån 2002-01-21 klockan 03.42 skrev Karl Eichwalder:
> . I strongly believe the current GNOME way is fun (for CVS lovers or for
> people having a lot of time), but it's a waste of resources.  For sure,
> the German team does not have the necessary resources to stay
> up-to-date.  There's no need to check from day to day whether all the
> translations are 100% complete and if not, translating 1 or 2 strings.

There is no need to argue about this. No team has the resources to stay
100% all of the time. That doesn't mean that updated statistics aren't
useful, on the contrary, and it is a rather stupid argument. The time
you decide that you want to update the translations it is always useful
with up-to-date statistics that reflect the reality and not the state a
few days ago.
If you don't want to use CVS you don't have to, you fetch the po file
from the status pages and send it to any person in your team with CVS

I myself consider any translation system that doesn't give you version
history, or doesn't allow for easy switching of the translation
maintainer inside the team, a step backwards with regard to the current

Let's avoid that "I love the TP robot system you have to do that too"
flamewar altogether.


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