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For some odd reason I sent this to gnome-docs list. But here comes:

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> From: Sami Pesonen <>
> To: gnome-docs-list <>, AbiWord Developer List <>
> Subject: Re: abiword
> Date: 18 Jan 2002 07:10:04 +0200
> Added abiword-dev list.
> On to, 2002-01-17 at 11:18, Keld Jørn Simonsen wrote: 
> > I had some problems with Abiword po-files.
> > They are now in Gnome CVS in the extra-po section.
> > The problem is that these files are not very frequently
> > updated from the developers' side, and that the .po-files
> > are not fed back from the Gnome CVS to the developers.
> > 
> > This has resulted in two independent translations for
> > Danish AbiWord. I don't know how many other parallel translations
> > that have been done. I also notice that there is no 
> > good specific instructions in the Gnome CVS for forwarding
> > the translations in the Gnome CVS to the authors.
> Well I made same thing for Finnish translation. But then I noticed, 
> that GNOME CVS version is for Abiword 0.9.2 and I knew that 
> current version was 0.9.6. I then asked about it in #abiword channel 
> in irc and I was told to use Abiword sources from Abiword CVS. 
> So I downloaded sources from there and started translating fi.po 
> file but then I noticed that current Abiword has some strings 
> translated more than in fi.po file! I knew that Abiword had own
> translating system so i searched sources for this additional translated
> string that wasn't in fi.po file. It was found in fi.strings and from
> there
> I found that Abiword was completely translated to Finnish so I
> had done about half week nothing usefull ;-(. Translation had done
> some guy who uses Windows so he didn't know about .po files.
> > Can we do something to remedy this?
> > Maybe remove abiword from Gnome CVS?
> > Or make an agreement with the authors that the Gnome CVS
> > is the correct place to maintain the .po-files?
> > As far as I can see, the developers do not have a CVS
> > of their own for AbiWord.
> I think also, that Abiword should be removed from
> GNOME CVS or it should be updated more frequently.
> Also Abiwords own string files should be moved to po
> files in Abiword cvs more often.
> BR,
> Sami
> -- 
> /Sami Pesonen
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