Re: UTF8 encoding for all .po files

El mié, 24-04-2002 a las 21:31, Karl Eichwalder escribió:
> Carlos Perelló Marín <> writes:
> > If you want to do the encoding at compile time, please, show me a
> > clean way to do it and It will be perfect for me, but we should add it
> > to all modules now.
> I told you how to do it some months ago -- please, check the archive.
> Now, since gettext 0.11.x is out, it's a snap using 'msgconv'.

Yes, I know the command but my automake/autoconf is really basic.
Kenneth is there any chance to integrate it into intltool's .m4 and
generate the .mo after encoding the .po as UTF8?

> Kjartan, Emacs 21 has serious issues concerning UTF-8 editing; Emacs
> from CVS (HEAD) is usable concerning UTF-8 as long as want to edit
> European like languages.

I don't use emacs so I cannot help here. Sorry.

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