Re: xml-i18n-tools and .desktop files

Pablo Saratxaga <> writes:

> There is no need to know perl to know the right parameter to pass to
> one of xml-i18n-* scripts, and what to add to po/, etc.

Yes, that's the easy one.

> What is needed is a step by step guide for package mantainers that
> don't necessarly know about perl, nor about xml-i18n-tools, not even
> about i18n.

Yes, that's why I think the documentation writer has to know Perl --
he'll have to dig through the scripts.

> Last time I tried to "xml-i18n-tools'ize" a source tree I ended in deep
> trouble; well, there was a bug at that time, but however, now I prefer
> to be sure before attempting again :)

Maybe, we should ask for examples.  Is it already use for .desktop files

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