Re: xml-i18n-tools and .desktop files

Pablo Saratxaga <> writes:

> More usefull yet would be a small tutorial explaining how to modifiy
> sources of a Gnome program so that the desktop, directory, soundlists, etc
> files get handled by xml-i18n-tools.

Sure.  But this has to be done by someone knowning Perl.  OTOH, the NEWS
file says:

    * Updated documentation (Laszlo)

It looks as if there's hope...

> The main adavantage of doing so is that those files will then be
> translated trough the normal po mechanism (not at run time; but at
> compile time), which means they will finally be iun synch with curent
> translation status (those files tend to be very very behind compared
> to the po files)

Yes, I know and I want to use these tools.  That's why I'm asking for

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